New Feature: Linked Relations

We are phasing in a new feature in the repository: relations between authors. You can see an example of its implementation on the Edmund Husserl profile page (cf. the left column, under the picture).

Relations are divided into two broad categories: family relations (husband/wife, children, siblings, cousins, etc.) and professional ties (master, student, colleague/peer).

The most immediate use of these relations is to allow easier browsing between connected authors on the Open Commons website. In the future, they will also allow the creation of network graphs and visualisations. For example, they can be combined with citation data and historical documents to analyse webs of relationships and discover nodes inside the phenomenological movement.

Relations are being inputted manually on an ad hoc basis and are restricted to the most obvious, well attested ties. In the future, dates, documents and annotations will be attached to each relation in order to provide either proof of its existence, or more detail on its precise nature.

You can suggest relations (or corrections of inputted data) by emailing us at

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