Funding programme: 18 supporting libraries

We are happy to announce that our funding programme, launched last May with our partner Knowledge Unlatched, is making steady progress. Memorial University of Newfoundland is our latest supporter, the 1st from Canada and 18th overall.

All supporting institutions to date, in alphabetical order are:

  1. Boston College
  2. Duquesne University
  3. Faculty of Humanities, Charles University Prague
  4. Graz University
  5. Harvard Libraries
  6. Humboldt-University Berlin Library
  7. Kenyon College
  8. Marquette University
  9. Memorial University of Newfoundland
  10. National Library of Finland and University of Helsinki
  11. Purdue Libraries, Purdue University Fort Wayne, Purdue University North West
  12. University and Municipal Library of Cologne
  13. University Library of Basel
  14. ULB Münster
  15. University of Groningen
  16. University of Hagen Library
  17. University of St-Gallen Library
  18. University of Surrey

You can find more details on our funding programme at

Please consider making a referral to your university library: a personal referral from a faculty member, post-doc or graduate student is of invaluable help in persuading libraries to subscribe to the Open Commons.

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