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Studies in East European Thought

Studies in East European Thought provides a forum for Western-language writings on philosophy and philosophers who identify with the history and cultures of East and Central Europe, including Russia, Ukraine, and the Baltic States. The contents include descriptive, critical, comparative, and historical studies of individuals, schools, currents, and institutions whose work and influence are widely regarded in their own environments to be philosophical or provide insight into the socio-cultural conditions of philosophical life in Eastern Europe. Coverage includes concepts of the social, the cultural and the political, following the demise of Marxism-Leninism; foundational questions in metaphysics and epistemology; the standing of ‘culture theory’ (e.g., Russian ‘kul’turologija’); the reception of Western theories and methods as well as intellectual traditions; the reassessment of ‘local’ intellectual traditions; ethics, moral theory, theology and religious studies, and much more.