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CSCP 2018

Calgary, Canada

15th - 17th November 2018

Französische Phänomenologie

Landau in der Pfalz, Germany

15th - 17th November 2018

Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy 2018

Sydney, Australia

20th - 23rd November 2018

Fenomenologia del món social i polític

Barcelona, Spain

22nd - 23rd November 2018

Filosofía trascendental y el rol público de la filosofía

Santiago de Chile, Chile

26th November 2018

Crítica e contemporaneidade

São Paulo, Brazil

28th - 30th November 2018

Phenomenology and Personal Identity

Prague, Czech Republic

28th - 30th November 2018

Second-Person Engagement and Group Identification

Copenhagen, Denmark

29th - 30th November 2018

Phenomenology of time and space

Warszawa, Poland

7th - 8th December 2018

Phenomenological Interviews

Heidelberg, Germany

10th - 11th December 2018

Politische Ethnologie

Wien, Austria

13th December 2018

OPO VI: Phenomenology and Practical Life

Memphis, United States of America

3rd - 6th January 2019

APA Central Division Meeting

Denver City, United States of America

20th - 23rd February 2019

Why the Kyoto School Today?

London, Canada

21st - 24th March 2019

Introspection and Self-Consciousness

Liège, Belgium

23rd - 26th April 2019

Heidegger ff.

Wuppertal, Germany

3rd - 4th May 2019

Social Phenomenology

Washington, D.C., United States of America

3rd - 5th June 2019

Shifting Roles. The Manifold Identities of Phenomenology

Bucharest, Romania

26th - 28th September 2019


Pittsburgh, United States of America

31st October - 2nd November 2019