June 2018

31st May - 3rd June 2018Affects, Moods, Emotions, and Belonging, ICNAP – Tenth Annual Meeting
Montréal, Canada
3rd - 6th June 2018The truth of fictions of the fiction of truths
Venezia, Italy
5th June 2018Northern Phenomenology Network I
Manchester, United Kingdom
6th - 9th June 2018The Inhuman Gaze and Perceiving Otherwise
Paris, France
12th - 14th June 2018The World and the Real - Le Monde et le Réel - Die Welt und das Reale
Prague, Czech Republic
14th - 15th June 2018Social Experiences of Film / Film Experiences of Sociality: New Approaches in Film-Philosophy
Bucureşci, Romania
25th - 29th June 2018The Symbolic of Evil
Paris, France
26th - 29th June 201849th Husserl Circle Meeting
Mexico City, Mexico
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