September 2019

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Double Intentionality: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

Würzburg, Germany

11th - 13th September 2019

Affect, Emotion, Feeling

New York City, United States of America

12th - 14th September 2019

Richard Cobb-Stevens: Phenomenology, Pragmatism, and Pedagogy

Boston, United States of America

20th - 21st September 2019

Levinas in Dialogue

Wien, Austria

23rd - 24th September 2019

L'histoire des idées linguistiques dans le miroir de l'Histoire

Leysin, Switzerland

26th - 28th September 2019

Shifting Roles. The Manifold Identities of Phenomenology

Bucharest, Romania

26th - 28th September 2019

Herméneutique et métaphysique: une articulation renouvelée?

Montréal, Canada

27th - 28th September 2019