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Sensus Communis: Exploring the Ontologies of Coexistence

Århus, 12 - 14 June 2019

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Human existence necessarily takes place with others. Whether these others are humans, gods or animals, spirits or specters, plants, rocks or artifacts does not change the fact that existence is coexistence. Gathering scholars from the anthropology of ethics, ontological anthropology and critical, philosophical phenomenology, the task of this conference is consider - in a comparative and interdisciplinary spirit - the ontological questions to which our experiences of coexistence give rise.

Confirmed speakers:
- Lisa Guenther (Queen’s University)
- Jarrett Zigon (University of Virginia)
- Cheryl Mattingly (University of Southern California)
- Andrew Mitchell (Emory University)
- Claudia Baracchi (University of Milan)
- Bernhard Leistle (Carleton University)
- Nils Ole Bubandt (Aarhus University)
- Thomas Schwarz Wentzer (Aarhus University)
- Maria E. Louw (Aarhus University)
- Nicolai Krejberg Knudsen (Aarhus University)
- Rasmus Dyring (Aarhus University)

For more information about the conference themes, the open call for papers (deadline March 31 2019), and the PhD-course we arrange in conjunction with the conference, please see

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We invite papers from all disciplines that fit within the theoretical framework outlined in the conference description.
If you would like to present a paper, please submit an abstract of no more than 300 words + a cover letter with your name, affiliation and email-address by March 31, 2019 to this email-address:  

To facilitate cross-disciplinary debate, all presentations – both invited papers and volunteered papers – will be organized into sessions that conclude with a joint discussion. Papers should be 35 minutes exclusive of Q&A.
If you are a PhD-student, please confer our website for information about the PhDcourse.
As part of the course, there will be a poster-session during the conference.