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Husserl in Japan: Global Studies in Philosophy and Religion

Shizuoka, 30 - 31 May 2019

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This conference is designed to address the central issues and debates in Husserl’s phenomenology, however, from the contemporary global perspective. In other words, we hope to engage in a series of intercultural dialogues between Husserl’s phenomenology and Non-European perspective, whether it be Jewish, Japanese or Afro-Caribbean. Thus, we expect to generate new insights about old problems in phenomenology and bring up new questions for the new age. This could take the form of a conversation between Husserlian philosophy in the early twentieth century on the one hand and Chinese/Japanese philosophy/Buddhist philosophy on the other. The ultimate goal behind this challenging project is to delve into the early twentieth-century European thinkers’ interpretation of reality from the global perspective today and help solve the issues and problems of intercultural communication and understanding through concrete intertextual studies. A brief historical review of the main thoughts might be helpful here too. In the process, we hope to expose the stumbling block to an intercultural dialogue which is typically regarded as consisting in the universal and monolithic conception of reason in the Western (Husserlian) world, with its associated privileging of European ethical thinking, in particular, the modern western lifeworld (Lebenswelt).