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Levinas in Dialogue

Wien, 23 - 24 September 2019

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The sympathy and popularity that Levinas’ thinking has in current philosophical debates cannot conceal the fact that reference to his thinking has either remained vague or receptive and exegetical. Unfortunately, this means it is not possible to recognize the richness of his approach and to make it fruitful for current topics.

Until now, the work of Levinas has received consideration in a context of unnecessary self-isolation--which would be programmatically different from the canon of the entire history of Western philosophy.

This assessment will be considered in a differentiated way during the conference.

In order to bring Levinas into dialogue with other philosophical approaches, central points of departure and equally important distinctions are sought and questioned from the methodological, historical and the critical perspective. These dialogues are not only based in the hermeneutic purpose of sounding out systems of thought that help us better understand the foreign and the individual; they also seek to emphasize the relevance of Levinas in discussion with other approaches.