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Phenomenology, Pragmatism, and Mysticism

Annual conference of The North American Society for Early Phenomenology

Saint John, 7 - 8 June 2024

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Phenomenology and pragmatism have often dealt with overlapping concerns while neglecting to communicate. While it has been surmised that the European phenomenologists were less than enthusiastic to engage with the North American pragmatists, we also know that Husserl and others were reading James and possibly other pragmatists. One of the most evident areas of overlap with significant room for collaboration (or possibly forceful disagreement) is the realm of mysticism. For this conference, we aim to promote work that engages directly with the intersections of phenomenology and pragmatism or mysticism (their mutual histories, their actual or potential agreements and disagreements), or work that advances an account of topics relevant to both disciplines, such as intentionality, the a priori, states of affairs, temporality, perception and judgment, embodiment, naturalism, psychologism, aesthetics, etc.