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(1990) Husserl-Ausgabe und Husserl-Forschung, Dordrecht, Kluwer.

I, we, and God

ingredients of Husserl's theory of community

James G Hart

pp. 125-149

The following essay attempts to outline some features of Husserl's theory of community and to propose incidentally that it is a central consideration of his social theory, ethics, and theology. Most of the topics treated here find a more complete discussion in a MS which I hope to finish soon. I begin by connecting Husserl's philosophical theology to the theme of community.

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DOI: 10.1007/978-94-009-2427-7_8

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Hart, J.G. (1990)., I, we, and God: ingredients of Husserl's theory of community, in S. Ijsseling (ed.), Husserl-Ausgabe und Husserl-Forschung, Dordrecht, Kluwer, pp. 125-149.

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