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Green Theory & Praxis Journal


Special Issue 12

Edited by

Nikoleta Zampaki, Erik Juergensmeyer

Official Call for Paper:

Deadline: Sunday 1st September 2019

The aim of this special issue is to explore the intersection of phenomenology and environmental philosophy. It examines the relevance of Husserl, Merleau – Ponty etc. on the topics of this field raised by environmental issues, and then proposes new approaches to the natural world and its impact to human nature. The contributors will demonstrate ecophenomenology’s issues to engage in an ecological self – evaluation of natural and human assumptions. This issue marginalized environmental topics and will offer new perspectives between phenomenologists, ecologically-minded theorists and comparative philologists. Topics of issue: ecophenomenology in literary texts (American and European Literature 19th-20th) transcendental ecophenomenology ecophenomenology as discipline Husserl or M. Merleau – Ponty and their contributions to ecophenomenology ecophenomenology today phenomenology after eco-orientation

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