(2019) Husserl Studies 35 (3).

Horizonality and defeasibility

Emilio Vicuña

pp. 225-247

The anticipation of the typical under the assumption of the non-occurrence of the atypical is the experiential schema governing the individuation of ordinary enduring objects and their properties. Against this background, a primitive form of "if-and-only-if" consciousness is implicit in our everyday perceptual intentions. The thematization of the fact that perception operates under this proto-tentative structure occurs at the level of reflection and is expressed by defeasible judgments of the form "if p, then q, unless r," or "if p, then q provided that not-r". Here I will argue that what is made thematic by judgments containing such restrictive clauses is the structure of unpredictability inherent in what Husserl calls the horizon of latency and, indirectly, the world as background of normality.

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DOI: 10.1007/s10743-019-09244-8

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Vicuña, E. (2019). Horizonality and defeasibility. Husserl Studies 35 (3), pp. 225-247.

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