(2021) Metodo 9 (1).

Gestures as diagrams from Peirce's mature semeiotic

Leticia Vitral, João Queiroz

pp. 237-260

In this paper, we intend to discuss how, according to Peirce’s semiotics, gestures can be conceptualized and described as diagrams. We are not concerned with answering when, why or how gestures emerged as semiotic motor activities. As a prerequisite for the very formulation of these problems, we are rather interested in discussing the theoretical conditions which should be fulflled for gestures to be characterized as iconic processes - and more specifcally as diagrammatic processes. The frst step is to summarize a systematic analysis of the variety of iconic signs, elaborated by Peirce, followed by his typology of hypoicons in order to describe the hypoiconic class of diagrams. After that, we present some tentative answers to the question of how to describe gestures as diagrammatic signs.

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DOI: 10.19079/metodo.9.1.237

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Vitral, L. , Queiroz, J. (2021). Gestures as diagrams from Peirce's mature semeiotic. Metodo 9 (1), pp. 237-260.

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