Empathy, Recognition, Morality

CFS Conference with confirmed speakers including Stephen Darwall, Jean Decety, John Drummond, Natasha Gill, James Jardine, Uriah Kriegel, Victoria McGeer, Philip Pettit, Jason Throop and Dan Zahavi.

Since 2011, VELUX FONDEN has funded a large research project on empathy at the Center for Subjectivity Research. A central concern of the research has been on the question of what empathy is, and on what role it plays in social cognition.

The final event organized as part of this research project will focus on the relation between empathy and morality. Featuring world-renowned specialists on empathy coming from philosophy, neuroscience and anthropology, the aim of the conference is to discuss the question of whether empathy is a moral virtue, and whether we ought to strive to expand our empathic powers, since a high degree of empathy might be a requirement for being good and doing good, or whether empathy is so biased and so easily abused that it might be better to put it aside if we really want to promote justice and fairness.

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The conference is free and open to all but prior registration is required.
Please register no later than Monday September 18, 2017


Administrator Merete Lynnerup, email address: mly@hum.ku.dk


University of Copenhagen, South Campus, Njalsgade 134, auditorium 23.0.50

21 Sep 2017 - 22 Sep 2017

9:15 am

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