Experience and value

A phenomenological approach to the dilemma of normative supervenience

Roberta de Monticelli

pp. 195-214

This paper focuses on value, which I shall provisionally define as the experiential aspect of normativity. That there is an experiential aspect of normativity is a main claim of classical phenomenology. This paper aims to provide some evidence for this claim. I shall first discuss the current state of knowledge concerning normative properties and the dilemma of normative supervenience (Part 1). We shall then devote ourselves to an exercise in visual and emotional exploration, accompanied by a phenomenological analysis of value(s), which will allow us to spell out what appears to be wrong with all the competing proposed non-phenomenological solutions to the dilemma (Part 2). I shall finally outline a phenomenological way out of the dilemma, thereby indicating the path to a full-fledged phenomenological axiology.

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DOI: 10.19079/metodo.3.2.195

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De Monticelli, R. (2015). Experience and value: A phenomenological approach to the dilemma of normative supervenience. Metodo. International Studies in Phenomenology and Philosophy 3 (2), pp. 195-214.

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