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It's not about the gift

from givenness to loving

Anthony Steinbock

While taking up the key figures in the discussion (Heidegger, Derrida, Marion, Henry, Maimonides), Steinbock proposes the following: that these discussions of the gift are really not about the gift. He demonstrates, through critical interpretations and phenomenological analyses, how the gift only becomes meaningful in the context of interpersonal loving. The gift is not the point: “it’s not about the gift”. The gift becomes most fully what it is, following Maimonides, in participating with others toward their liberation. The pointis the interpersonal relation of lover to beloved, which allows the gift to appear.

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Steinbock, A. (2018). It's not about the gift: from givenness to loving, Rowman & Littlefield, London.

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Steinbock, a. j. (2018). It's not about the gift


Bordado Sköld Alfred

Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences 19/3