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Heidegger's politics of enframing

technology and responsibility

Javier Cardoza-Kon

Heidegger's Politics of Enframing examines the controversial political choices made by Heidegger, the one-time Nazi party member, and articulates a direct connection between his troubling political decisions and his late thoughts on technology. This book looks at the evolution of Heidegger's understanding of human politics, viewed through the lens of his ontological articulations from the early 1930's to the end of his life, with a deep focus on the role that Nietzsche plays in Heidegger's understanding of technology and the technological.The key question within Heidegger's thoughts on technology is whether Heidegger is proposing a sense of responsibility, and therefore an ethics, in his notion of a technological “saving power.” Cardoza-Kon develops an understanding of what the political ramifications of this are, and what can we take from Heidegger's thought today.

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Cardoza-Kon, J. (2018). Heidegger's politics of enframing: technology and responsibility, Bloomsbury, London.

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