(2010) Human Studies 33 (2-3).

J. & K. Aho, Body matters

Gesine Hearn

pp. 325-331

Body Matters is a timely contribution to the current critical debate about biomedicine. Today, human problems are increasingly understood in biomedical terms; chronic health problems are increasing; and people expect medicine to successfully treat all their afflictions and suffering. Yet, at the same time the medical profession openly acknowledges the limitations of scientific medicine and looks for new ways to understand and treat human afflictions. More and more research investigates the connection between mind and body.

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DOI: 10.1007/s10746-010-9142-0

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Hearn, G. (2010). Review of J. & K. Aho, Body matters. Human Studies 33 (2-3), pp. 325-331.

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