Soviet philosophy revisited

why Joseph Bocheński was right while being wrong

Evert van der Zweerde

pp. 315-342

Josef Bocheński, pioneer of the discipline ofphilosophical sovietology and one of the firstto criticize Eurocentric attitudes, emphasizedthe central role of logic and sound argument inacademic philosophy. This helped him todemonstrate both the general flaws of and thedifferences in quality within Sovietphilosophy. His endeavors and results areindispensable for the yet-to-be-written historyof Soviet philosophy. By the same token, itmade him less perceptive of the centralpolitical, not just philosophical, role of thepartijnost'-principle. More recent developmentshave shown both Soviet philosophy andBocheński's own, Neo-Thomist position to bepart of a fundamentally outdated idea ofscientific philosophy. However, the criteria oflogical scrutiny and sound argument have notlost their force within globalizingphilosophical culture.

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DOI: 10.1023/A:1025373328067

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van der Zweerde, E. (2003). Soviet philosophy revisited: why Joseph Bocheński was right while being wrong. Studies in East European Thought 55 (4), pp. 315-342.

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