Rowman & Littlefield, London


246 Pages

ISBN 9781786603739

Rethinking feminist phenomenology

theoretical and applied perspectives

Edited by

Sara Cohen Shabot, Christinia Landry

Although feminist phenomenology is traditionally rooted in philosophy, the issues with which it engages sit at the margins of philosophy and a number of other disciplines within the humanities and social sciences. This interdisciplinarity is emphasised in the present collection. Rethinking Feminist Phenomenology focuses on emerging trends in feminist phenomenology from a range of both established and new scholars. It covers foundational feminist issues in phenomenology, feminist phenomenological methods, and applied phenomenological work in politics, ethics, and on the body.The book is divided into three parts, starting with new methodological approaches to feminist phenomenology and moving on to address popular discourses in feminist phenomenology that explore ethical and political, embodied, and performative perspectives.

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Cohen Shabot, S. , Landry, C. (eds) (2018). Rethinking feminist phenomenology: theoretical and applied perspectives, Rowman & Littlefield, London.

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