(2012) Axiomathes 22 (2).

Many windows

reflections on Robert Ulanowicz's search for meaning in science

William Grassie

pp. 195-205

This paper is an extended discussion of Robert Ulanowicz's critique of mechanistic and reductionistic metaphysics of science. He proposes "process ecology" as an alternative. In this paper I discuss four sets of question coming out of Ulanowicz's proposal. First, I argue that universality remains one of the hallmarks of the scientific enterprise even with his new process metaphysics. I then discuss the Second Law of Thermodynamics in the interpretation of the history of the universe. I question Ulanowicz's use of the terms "random" and "chance" in his definition of process. Finally, I discuss what difference a relational and process metaphysics might make in addressing the political and practical problems in the twenty-first century.

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Grassie, W. (2012). Many windows: reflections on Robert Ulanowicz's search for meaning in science. Axiomathes 22 (2), pp. 195-205.

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