Un catalogo del mondo

Mario De Caro

pp. 255-258

The paper discusses Maurizio Ferraris’ Documentalità by raising two objections. The first objection concerns Ferraris’ view that, in the case of all natural entities, there cannot be differences in the way a normal adult, a little child and an animal perceive them. It is claimed that this is not true for objects such as the sun that we (differently from little children and animals) cannot help perceiving as a gigantic hot celestial body. The second objection concerns the thesis that all social objects presuppose a written act. In this case the claim is that it is unclear which philosophy of mind can support such a view.

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DOI: 10.4000/estetica.1490

Full citation:

De Caro, M. (2012). Un catalogo del mondo. Rivista di estetica 50, pp. 255-258.

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