Come dire oggettivamente che la prospettiva è relativa

Ian Verstegen

pp. 217-235

This article attempts to utilize the conceptual clarity typical of the work of Lucia Pizzo Russo to address the muddled question of the objectivity of perspective. By separating out the distinct problems of the objectivity of optical geometry, simple sight, and object recognition, we can clarify what we are not discussing when talking about linear perspective. These forms of objectivity are secured. But the claim is still made that linear perspective in pictorial perception is relative, because its results are not consistent and often not relevant to making pictures. In its place, I nominate another objective method, the so-called Egyptian method, outlined by Rudolf Arnheim in his Art and Visual Perception. Therefore, my position is not purely relativist because the dismantling of linear perspective does not suggest that all is conventional.

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DOI: 10.4000/estetica.1548

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Verstegen, I. (2011). Come dire oggettivamente che la prospettiva è relativa. Rivista di estetica 48, pp. 217-235.

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