O "esquecimento de si" no Sonnenklarer Bericht de Fichte

Vasco de Jesus

This paper will focus on the key role played by the concept of forgetfulness on Fichte’s Sonnenklarer Bericht while trying to come to terms both with the phenomenon itself and its structure, as well as with what is implied by the philosopher arguing for forgetfulness as the touchstone of reality. We will try to understand how forgetfulness conditions and determines both the way in which consciousness immediately relates to the world and the understanding it has of its own self-relation. We will also address the phenomenon of forgetfulness both as a defective way of being of consciousness and as a condition for this same self-consciousness by showing it to be present in all of its fundamental determinations. Last but not least, we will have the opportunity to unveil the fact that forgetfulness is at the center of the “Hingabe” and “Einsenken” phenomena, as well as its relation to the “Aufgehen”.

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de Jesus, V. (2012). O "esquecimento de si" no Sonnenklarer Bericht de Fichte. Revista de estud(i)os sobre Fichte 4, pp. n/a.

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