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(1996) The school of Franz Brentano, Dordrecht, Nijhoff.

Truth theories

Roberto Poli

pp. 343-355

It has been recently claimed that the single most important work produced by a member of the Lvov-Warsaw school is Tarski's article on truth.1 Tarski's work belongs to a tradition of study in which the influence of Brentano's thought was ensured by the mediation of Twardowski. The paper by Wolenski and Simons to which I refer analyses the positions of the leading members of the Lvov-Warsaw school, in particular the theories of Twardowski, Łukasiewicz, Kotarbinski, Leśniewski and Tarski. I shall here make closer scrutiny of the theories of Brentano and certain other members of his school. As well as Brentano, therefore, I shall be discussing Marty, Meinong and Husserl.

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DOI: 10.1007/978-94-015-8676-4_14

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Poli, R. (1996)., Truth theories, in L. Albertazzi & R. Poli (eds.), The school of Franz Brentano, Dordrecht, Nijhoff, pp. 343-355.

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