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ISBN 9780773556621

In vivo

a phenomenology of life-defining moments

Gabor Csepregi

In Vivo explores foundational questions and pivotal moments of the human experience – engagement with a foreign culture, the decision to break free from unfortunate experiences, a generous action undertaken in the context of an otherwise regular day – in terms of their life-altering potential. Through illustrative examples, both real and fictional, Csepregi reveals the primacy of personal feelings in shaping human life and demonstrates the formative power of spontaneity outside the traditional context of formal education. These moments, andparticularly the way they disrupt ordinary temporal order, Csepregi argues, are the lived experiences of our vitality.

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Csepregi, G. (2019). In vivo: a phenomenology of life-defining moments, McGill-Queen's University Press, Montreal-Kingston.

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