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Logical philosophy, anti-irrationalism, and gender equality

three positives of the Lvov-Warsaw enlightenment

Peter Simons

pp. 3-14

The symposium for which this contribution was prepared invited reflection on the role of the Lvov–Warsaw School not just within the areas which it mainly touched, namely philosophy and logic, but in the wider European cultural context. It is natural to interpret this context as being confined historically to the School's heyday, the period between Twardowski's appointment as professor extraordinarius in Lvov in 1895, and the German attack on Poland in 1939. There is of course much to be said about the figures, works, views, attitudes and influences of the School in this period, as well as its partial continuation after 1945 and its precursors and preparation in Imperial Austria. Many of those present at the symposium have contributed decisively to this work of historical exposition and assessment.

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DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-52869-4_1

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Simons, P. (2017)., Logical philosophy, anti-irrationalism, and gender equality: three positives of the Lvov-Warsaw enlightenment, in A. Broek, F. Stadler & J. Woleński (eds.), The significance of the Lvov-Warsaw school in the European culture, Dordrecht, Springer, pp. 3-14.

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