(2018) Human Arenas 1 (2).

Five gazes on the border

a collective auto-ethnographic writing

Luca Tateo , Alicia Español, Katrin Kullasepp, Giuseppina Marsico , Hannes Palang

pp. 113-133

The article presents a collective and interdisciplinary academic writing about an itinerant field work in three different sites/areas with the distinct identities of the Estonian territory, in particular the Estonian-Russian border zones. The authors had traveled for 1 week in three different Estonian border areas to observe the everyday life of people. The different perspectives of cultural psychology and human geography illuminate the multifaceted nature of borderscapes and the special processes of meaning-making that take place on the border.

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DOI: 10.1007/s42087-018-0010-1

Full citation:

Tateo, L. , Español, , Kullasepp, , Marsico, G. , Palang, H. (2018). Five gazes on the border: a collective auto-ethnographic writing. Human Arenas 1 (2), pp. 113-133.

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