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Executing enterprise dynamic systems control with the demo processor

the business transactions transition space validation

Sérgio Guerreiro , André Vasconcelos , José Tribolet

pp. 97-112

Business transactions models are useful to share a common understanding between the stakeholders in a process-based organization; however alone they do not guarantee that the actors perform their actions correspondingly. This paper proposes and exemplifies a solution to the Enterprise Information Systems (EIS) generation and operation using a Model Driven Engineering (MDE) approach founded and derived from Enterprise Ontology (EO) theory. The obtained EIS are (i) descriptive information systems that monitor and deliver a truthful representation of the enterprise on a software engine: the DEMO processor and (ii) prescriptive information system supported by an ontology specifically researched for controlling the operation of business transactions: the enterprise dynamic systems control (EDSC). The achieved benefits are (i) partially automatic validation of EDSC ontology; (ii) self-contained environment to test and validate the DEMO processor and (iii) full workflow capabilities calculated from DEMO models, with formal rigor, minimizing anomalies and minimizing the programming effort.

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DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-33244-9_7

Full citation:

Guerreiro, S. , Vasconcelos, A. , Tribolet, J. (2012)., Executing enterprise dynamic systems control with the demo processor: the business transactions transition space validation, in H. Rahman, A. Mesquita, I. Ramos & B. Pernici (eds.), Knowledge and technologies in innovative information systems, Dordrecht, Springer, pp. 97-112.

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