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(2012) Hermeneutic phenomenology in education, Dordrecht, Springer.

Seeking pedagogical places

Andrew Scott Foran

pp. 177-200

Leslie draws our awareness to the point that place matters, pedagogically, as she distinguishes appropriate places for engaging in different kinds of pedagogical activities with students, and that activities can be experienced as in-place or out-ofplace. She reminds us that we cannot just replace one place or thing for or with another "hoping the kids won't notice" and that swampy water, flagpoles, and radio towers belong outdoors; microscopes, desks, and "the board" belong indoors. While we are now both university teacher educators, one of us (Andrew Foran) is a former outdoor educator of youth, mostly outdoors, and one of us (Margaret Olson) is a former kindergarten, elementary teacher, mostly indoors.

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Foran, A.S. (2012)., Seeking pedagogical places, in N. Friesen, C. Henriksson & T. Saevi (eds.), Hermeneutic phenomenology in education, Dordrecht, Springer, pp. 177-200.

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