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(2018) Philosophy of race, Dordrecht, Springer.

Feminism, gender, and race

Naomi Zack

pp. 221-244

Feminism has developed into gender studies and its focus on white middle-class women has broadened. Intersectionality as a method of analysis and basis for political action is more contextualized than identity politics, because people have multiple identities. Within philosophy, first white feminism and then African American philosophy became established. Black feminist philosophers proceed by reclaiming historical figures for philosophical analysis and inspiration, forging connections between different traditions in philosophy, and philosophizing contemporary concerns of black women. Black male philosophy is both the work of black male philosophers and a focus on the experience of black men, especially harmfully false and dangerous stereotypes. A new question of intersection arises: Who may write about whom and is the race/gender of sources important?

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Zack, N. (2018). Feminism, gender, and race, in Philosophy of race, Dordrecht, Springer, pp. 221-244.

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