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(2019) Dance and the quality of life, Dordrecht, Springer.

"Just me and daddy"

Byron Richard

pp. 207-225

This chapter presents a qualitative study of fathers and their young sons who participated in a co-created dance class. Fourteen participants from six family groups (ages five to more than 45), including the author, met together on seven Saturdays in a small community north of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The chapter documents the communicative moments through which members expressed their shifting dance interests and responses to form, over time, an "aesthetic community" (after Karen Bond), characterized by shared meanings and a group style. Sources of qualitative data include video documentation, pictorial evidence and participant interviews. I examine the experiences of two families in detail, showing how a person-centered dance program influenced their quality of individual and family life. I also consider the study's implications for the value of reflective teaching practice in emergent dance curriculum design.

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Richard, B. (2019)., "Just me and daddy", in K. Bond (ed.), Dance and the quality of life, Dordrecht, Springer, pp. 207-225.

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