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(2019) Dance and the quality of life, Dordrecht, Springer.

Young people's experiences in hip hop dance participation

Jacinda Richards , Sally Gardner

pp. 459-474

This article discusses findings from a study conducted in Melbourne, Australia with a small group of primary and secondary school age young people of refugee or recently immigrated backgrounds to explore their experiences of participating in hip hop dance classes and as part of a hip hop dance crew. The study sought to understand the young people's reasons for participating and what benefits, if any, they felt they gained from it as they and their families transitioned into Australian society. Findings from the study suggest that for these young people hip hop dance is an important element in promoting quality of life as it is a medium that can help them navigate through and across family, local, and global cultures. From this study, hip hop dance emerges as having a double value: as a vehicle for expressing the often-harsh realities of the young people's experiences and situation, whilst at the same time enabling them to build self-esteem and shine in the eyes of peers, audiences and others.

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Richards, J. , Gardner, S. (2019)., Young people's experiences in hip hop dance participation, in K. Bond (ed.), Dance and the quality of life, Dordrecht, Springer, pp. 459-474.

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