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ISBN 978-3-319-61290-4

Care in healthcare

reflections on theory and practice

Edited by

Franziska Krause , Joachim Boldt

This book is open access under a CC BY 4.0 license.

This book examines the concept of care and care practices in healthcare from the interdisciplinary perspectives of continental philosophy, care ethics, the social sciences, and anthropology. Areas addressed include dementia care, midwifery, diabetes care, psychiatry, and reproductive medicine. Special attention is paid to ambivalences and tensions within both the concept of care and care practices. Contributions in the first section of the book explore phenomenological and hermeneutic approaches to careand reveal historical precursors to care ethics. Empirical case studies and reflections on care in institutionalised and standardised settings form the second section of the book. The concluding chapter, jointly written by many of the contributors, points at recurring challenges of understanding and practicing care that open up the field for further research and discussion. This collection will be of great value to scholars and practitioners of medicine, ethics, philosophy, social science and history.

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Krause, F. , Boldt, J. (eds) (2018). Care in healthcare: reflections on theory and practice, Springer, Dordrecht.

Table of Contents

Understanding care

Krause Franziska; Boldt Joachim


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Forgotten approaches to care

Conradi Elisabeth


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Nursing as accommodated care

Freter Björn


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Fundamentals of an ethics of care

Maio Giovanni


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Caring relationships

Krause Franziska


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Sociomaterial will-work

Driessen Annelieke


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The Dementia village

Haeusermann Tobias


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Regulation as an obstacle to care?

Opgenhaffen Tim


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Tensions in diabetes care practice

Liu Pei-Yi; Kohlen Helen


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Boldt Joachim; Driessen Annelieke; Freter Björn; Haeusermann Tobias; Krause Franziska; Liu Pei-Yi; Opgenhaffen Tim; Skeide Annekatrin


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