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ISBN 978-3-319-53131-1

Sociality and normativity for robots

philosophical inquiries into human-robot interactions

Edited by

Raul Hakli , Johanna Seibt

This volume offers eleven philosophical investigations into our future relations with social robots--robots that are specially designed to engage and connect with human beings. The contributors present cutting edge research that examines whether, and on which terms, robots can become members of human societies. Can our relations to robots be said to be 'social"? Can robots enter into normative relationships with human beings? How will human social relations change when we interact with robots at work and at home? 

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Hakli, R. , Seibt, J. (eds) (2017). Sociality and normativity for robots: philosophical inquiries into human-robot interactions, Springer, Dordrecht.

Table of Contents

"Sociality and normativity for robots"

Hakli Raul; Seibt Johanna


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Robot sociality

Bickhard Mark H.


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Prioritizing otherness

Eck David; Levine Alex


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Social meta-learning

Ilgaz Hande


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Mindshaping and robotics

Fernández Castro Víctor


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Key elements for human-robot joint action

Clodic Aurélie; Pacherie Elisabeth


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"I tech care"

Carnevale Antonio


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"Robot" as a life-form word

Schmid Hans Bernhard


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