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Corporeality and ipseity

Giampiero Arciero , Guido Bondolfi , Viridiana Mazzola

pp. 213-238

The central questions of this chapter spring from a theme already explored in the previous one: what possible new relations with the natural sciences are engendered by the ontological and methodological release of scientific psychology from the paradigm of production on which it rests? In other words, how can a phenomenological psychology and psychotherapy open up to the natural sciences by cooperating with them in a relationship of mutual enlightenment? The new alliance between phenomenological psychology and the natural sciences most certainly revolves around corporeality. Corporeality is understood as a phenomenon, and hence something that is constantly in the process of being actualized and is not limited to the mere presence of the body as a material entity that ends with the skin. Then, this chapter introduces the phenomenon of corporeality and its intertwining with existence, the relation between corporeality and the body, and the topic of pathology—of the trauma, of violence, and its healing.

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DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-78087-0_8

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Arciero, G. , Bondolfi, G. , Mazzola, V. (2018). Corporeality and ipseity, in The foundations of phenomenological psychotherapy, Dordrecht, Springer, pp. 213-238.

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