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Dimensions of community-based projects in health care

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Steven L. Arxer , John W Murphy


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Dimensions of Community-Based Projects in Health Care challenges sociologists, social workers, and public health administrators to look beyond traditional biomedical concepts of care and naturalistic methods of research, and toward more democratic programs, planning, and policy. The partnerships described in these pages reflect a deep commitment to patients' lives, and to the future of public health.

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Arxer, S. L. , Murphy, J.W. (eds) (2018). Dimensions of community-based projects in health care, Springer, Dordrecht.

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Arxer Steven L.; Murphy John W


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Health committees as a community-based strategy

Franz Berkeley; Shaw Chantelle; Ketron Keilah


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Training physicians with communities

Laubli David; Skinner Daniel; Rosenberger Kyle


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A community-based approach to primary health care

Rigg Khary K.; Engelman Doug; Ramirez Jesús


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Arxer Steven L.; Murphy John


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