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(2012) Art's way out, Rotterdam, SensePublishers.

Exit pedagogy

John Baldacchino

pp. 175-192

I want to conclude this book by contesting the relative safety of a democratic and free polis whose forms of representation, though appearing benign, are invariably characterized by the politics of fear and cultural fascistization. More specifically I want to speak of a polis that does away with its walls; where instead of a space that keeps out the barbarians (whoever "they" are), the culture of fascistic comfort is radically challenged.

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DOI: 10.1007/978-94-6091-794-3_10

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Baldacchino, J. (2012)., Exit pedagogy, in J. Baldacchino (ed.), Art's way out, Rotterdam, SensePublishers, pp. 175-192.

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