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ISBN 978-3-319-73373-9

Human–Computer Interaction Series

New directions in third wave human-computer interaction 2


Edited by

Michael Filimowicz , Veronika Tzankova

This is the first extensive compilation documenting contemporary third wave HCI, covering key methodological developments at the leading edge of human-computer interactions. Now in its second decade as a major current of HCI research, the third wave integrates insights from the humanities and social sciences to emphasize human dimensions beyond workplace efficiency or cognitive capacities. Where the earliest HCI work has been strongly based on the concept of human-machine coupling, which expanded to workplace collaboration as computers came into mainstreamprofessional use, today HCI can connect to almost any human experience because there are new applications for every aspect of daily life.

Volume 2 - Methodologies covers methodological approaches grounded in autoethnography, empathy-based design, crowdsourcing, psychometrics, user engagement, speculative design, somatics, embodied cognition, peripheral practices and transdisciplinarity.

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Filimowicz, M. , Tzankova, V. (eds) (2018). New directions in third wave human-computer interaction 2: methodologies, Springer, Dordrecht.

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Filimowicz Michael; Tzankova Veronika


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Steampunk, survivalism and sex toys

Tanenbaum Joshua; Tanenbaum Karen


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Empathy-based design approaches

Jiancaro Tizneem


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Measuring experiences

Cairns Paul; Power Christopher


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Design research

Blackler Alethea; Zelenko Oksana; Chamorro-Koc Marianella; Rittenbruch Markus; Sade Gavin


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Problematic milieus

Fox Tyler


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Speculative design in hci

Wong Richmond Y.; Khovanskaya Vera


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Designing from embodied knowing

Candau Yves; Schiphorst Thecla; Françoise Jules


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The methodological pivot

Filimowicz Michael


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