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Language and literature in a glocal world

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This collection of critical essays investigates the intersections of the global and local in literature and language. Exploring the connections that exist between global forms of knowledge and their local, regional applications, this volume explores multiple ways in which literature is influenced, and in turn, influences, movements and events across the world and how these are articulated in various genres of world literature, including the resultant challenges to translation. This book also explores the way in which languages, especially English,transform and continue to be reinvented in its use across the world. Using perspectives from sociolinguistics, discourse analysis and semiotics, this volume focuses on diasporic literature, travel literature, and literature in translation from different parts of the world to study the ways in which languages change and grow as they are sought to be "owned" by the communities which use them in different contexts. Emphasizing on interdisciplinary studies and methodologies, this collection centralizes both research that theorizes the links between the local and the global and that which shows, through practical evidence, how the local and global interact in new and challenging ways.

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DOI: 10.1007/978-981-10-8468-3

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(2018). Language and literature in a glocal world, Springer, Dordrecht.

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Rao Mehta Sandhya


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Language in a glocalized world

Balasubramanian Chandrika


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English in thai tourism

Jocuns Andrew


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You are what you tweet

Abastillas Glenn


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The semiotics of flags

Horvath George


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On gender silencing in translation

Pantuchowicz Agnieszka


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"You inside me inside you"

Robbins Micah


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Fears of dissolution and loss

Hassencahl Fran


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Global connections on a local scale

Klimkova Simona


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Textual deformation in translating literature

Kahlaoui Mohamed-Habib


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Pedagogical perspectives on travel literature

Buckton-Tucker Rosalind


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