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449 Pages

ISBN 978-3-319-89796-7

Issues in Business Ethics
vol. 48

Systems thinking and moral imagination

rethinking business ethics with Patricia Werhane

Edited by

David Bevan , Regina W. Wolfe

This volume brings together a selection of papers written by Patricia Werhane during the most recent quarter century. The book critically explicates the direction and development of Werhane's thinking based on her erudite and eclectic sampling of orthodox philosophical theories. It starts out with an introductory chapter setting Werhane's work in the context of the development of Business Ethics theory and practice, along with an illustrative time line. Next, it discusses possible interpretations of the papers that have been dividedacross a range of themes, and examines Werhane's contribution to these thematic areas. 

Patricia H. Werhane is a renowned author and innovator at the intersection of philosophy and Applied Business Ethics. She is professor emerita and a senior fellow at the Olsson Centre for Applied Ethics at Darden and was formerly the Ruffin Professor of Business Ethics. She is also professor emerita at DePaul University, where she was Wicklander Chair in Business Ethics and director of the Institute for Business and Professional Ethics.  

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DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-89797-4

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Bevan, D. , Wolfe, R.W. (eds) (2019). Systems thinking and moral imagination: rethinking business ethics with Patricia Werhane, Springer, Dordrecht.

Table of Contents

The constitutive nature of rules

Werhane Patricia


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A theory of moral rights

Werhane Patricia


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Human rights as social constructions

Werhane Patricia; Wren Thomas


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Women leaders in a globalized world

Werhane Patricia


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The inexorable sociality of commerce

Werhane Patricia; Bevan David


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The rashomon effect

Werhane Patricia


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Trust after the global financial meltdown

Werhane Patricia; Bevan David


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