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Creationist and anti-creationist views on the history of their conflict

Tom Kaden

pp. 121-139

The history of the conflict between professional creationists and anti-creationists in the United States consists of numerous actions, such as publications, forming coalitions, developing and disseminating labels and arguments, criticizing opposing views, and many others. These actions are instruments of power in a struggle that is about enforcing views on the relationship between god and nature. As part of a power struggle, these actions can be seen as investments of different types of capital (social, cultural, economic, and symbolic), which are accumulated and exchanged. At the same time, they are expressions of different worldviews the groups and individuals participating in the conflict use to make sense of their social, cultural, and physical environment.

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DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-99380-5_7

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Kaden, T. (2019). Creationist and anti-creationist views on the history of their conflict, in Creationism and anti-creationism in the United States, Dordrecht, Springer, pp. 121-139.

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