(2019) Metodo 7 (1).

El otro-(de lo)-mismo, interioridad y singularidad

Derrida frente a Lévinas, Kant y Stirner

Jacopo Vignola

pp. 109-140

We propose to develop the problems of selfness, of the tension between the other and the same, and of the singularity, by questioning the philosophies of Kant, Levinas and Stirner, and by reading them trough the theoretical eyes of Jacques Derrida. We will reflect on the irreducibility of the Levinasian other, trying to find out how, to what extent and with what difficulties, the emphasis on singularity can open a dialogical field between, on the one hand, the demand for ethical transcendence required by the encounter with the other, and, on the other hand, the unconditional nature of the moral law in Kantian practical philosophy. After having underlined the limits of the latter, we will compare the non-conceptual and un-graspable character of the other with the radical Stirnerian uniqueness and his need to open the way to what escapes any logocentric chain. The relation between language, singularity and encounter will follow a resumption of Levinasian alterity under a more critical perspective.

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DOI: 10.19079/metodo.7.1.109

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Vignola, (2019). El otro-(de lo)-mismo, interioridad y singularidad: Derrida frente a Lévinas, Kant y Stirner. Metodo 7 (1), pp. 109-140.

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