Being with technique–technique as being-with

the technological communities of Gilbert Simondon

Susanna Lindberg

pp. 299-310

I present Gilbert Simondon's thinking of technics, that I take to be so compelling today because it articulates technological reality in ecological terms as a technogeography and life as being-with-the-machines. I will (1) flesh out Simondon's program for a being-with-the-machines, (2) show how it corresponds to the essence of the technical objects described in terms of milieu and relation (3) indicate how this is based on Simondon's ontology of individuation (4) suggest a criticism of Simondon, insofar as he would underestimate the technicality of the human being him/herself and of his/her world.

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DOI: 10.1007/s11007-019-09466-9

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Lindberg, S. (2019). Being with technique–technique as being-with: the technological communities of Gilbert Simondon. Continental Philosophy Review 52 (3), pp. 299-310.

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