(2019) Human Studies 42 (4).

Seeing through the fumes

technology and asymmetry in the anthropocene

Jochem Zwier , Vincent Blok

pp. 621-646

This paper offers a twofold ontological conceptualization of technology in the Anthropocene. On the one hand, we aim to show how the Anthropocene occasions an experience of our inescapable inclusion in the technological structuring of reality that Martin Heidegger associates with cybernetics. On the other hand, by confronting Heidegger's thought on technology with Georges Bataille's consideration of technological existence as economic and averted existence, we will criticize Heidegger's account by arguing that notwithstanding its inescapable inclusion in cybernetics, technology in the Anthropocene itself fosters an experience of what remains excluded. We conclude by indicating how such an experience is relevant for contemporary philosophical investigation of technology.

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DOI: 10.1007/s10746-019-09508-4

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Zwier, J. , Blok, V. (2019). Seeing through the fumes: technology and asymmetry in the anthropocene. Human Studies 42 (4), pp. 621-646.

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