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Horizon Studies in Phenomenology

The journal “Horizon. Studies in Phenomenology” has been published as a peer-reviewed scholarly periodical since 2012. It is published under the auspices of the Institute of Philosophy of the Saint-Petersburg State University and the Central European Institute of philosophy, affiliated with the Charles University and the Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Republic Academy of Sciences. The journal is biannual, all the texts being peer-reviewed and selected by experts. The discontinuous and disparate development of the phenomenological movement in the USSR and then in Russia has more than once given rise to different editorial projects aimed at promoting phenomenological research and creating a common ground for phenomenological debates. The journal “Horizon. Studies in phenomenology” is designed to become a guide to the world of phenomenological philosophy and related branches of research. Intensifying communication between contemporary phenomenologists, creating a field of relevant discussions and exchange of new ideas are among our main goals. The periodical is intended for specialists in phenomenology and philosophical hermeneutics as well as for all the readers interested in current philosophical discussions.