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Methodology in Interdisciplinary Phenomenology

ICNAP meeting

Pittsburgh, 9 - 10 June 2021

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Recently, there has been a healthy discussion about the nature of phenomenological methodology as applied beyond philosophy's disciplinary context. Some philosophers assert that phenomenological methodology was designed only to be used for strictly philosophical questions and is therefore being misapplied when used outside of philosophy. Others contend that philosophy, especially phenomenological philosophy, is unique in that it is always already an interdisciplinary discipline and not at all bounded in the way other disciplines are confined to a specific subject matter. On this view, phenomenology can be understood as an essential part of any vision for a non-naturalistic approach to the social and human sciences. The purpose of this meeting is to engage this important dialogue with regard to how we practice phenomenology beyond the traditional boundaries of academic philosophy. We will ask such questions as: can one understand phenomenology without the methodological procedures that make the researcher aware of the natural attitude? Can phenomenological concepts be understood within the natural attitude and applied without a philosophical phenomenological understanding? What do we mean by qualitative phenomenological research and how is this to be distinguished from other qualitative methods that make no reference to phenomenological insights? Finally, and perhaps most importantly, what are the unique challenges to teaching phenomenology to non-philosophically trained researchers? What is the pedagogy that is best suited to teaching phenomenology to new audiences?




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