Springer, Dordrecht


508, x Pages

ISBN 9783319020143

Analecta Husserliana
vol. 116

Phenomenology of space and time I

The forces of the cosmos and the ontopoietic genesis of life

Edited by

Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka

This book celebrates the investigative power of phenomenology to explore the phenomenological sense of space and time in conjunction with the phenomenology of intentionality, the invisible, the sacred, and the mystical. It examines the course of life through its ontopoietic genesis, opening the cosmic sphere to logos. The work also explores, on the one hand, the intellectual drive to locate our cosmic position in the universe and, on the other, the pull toward the infinite. It intertwines science and itsgrounding principles with imagination in order to make sense of the infinite.

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DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-02015-0

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Tymieniecka, A.-T. (ed) (2014). Phenomenology of space and time I: The forces of the cosmos and the ontopoietic genesis of life, Springer, Dordrecht.

Table of Contents

Toward a new enlightenment

Ghigi Nicoletta


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The cosmos of Yolanthe

Quintern Detlev


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Phenomenology and archeology

Vydrová Jaroslava


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Teleology in nature and life-transforming art

Marchenkov Vladimir L


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The creative potential of humor

Malecka Anna


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Transcendental morphology

Marosan Bence Peter


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The outside's inside

Miron Ronny


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How to approach Heideggerian gods

Vanhala Jani


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Motion in crisis

Soteropoulos Ion


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The permanent creativity of self

Polenta Stefano


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Cognition and emotion

Halberg Claus


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The meeting of man with man

Pyra Leszek


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