Reidel, Dordrecht


367, xxiii Pages

ISBN 9789027709851

Analecta Husserliana
vol. 10

The acting person

Karol Wojtyła

Edited by Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka

Translated by Andrzej Potocki

Originally entitled Osoba i Czyn and published in Poland in 1969, The Acting Person is the official English translation and has been thoroughly edited and revised with the collaboration of the author. The book stresses that man must ceaselessly unravel his mysteries and strive for a new and more mature expression of his nature. The author sees this expression as an emphasis on the significance of the individual living in community and on the person in the process of performingan action. The author states in his preface that he has tried to face the major issues concerning life, nature, and the existence of man directly as they present themselves to man in his struggles to survive while maintaining the dignity of a human being, but who is torn apart between his all too limited condition and his highest aspirations to set himself free.

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Wojtyła, K. (1979). The acting person, Reidel, Dordrecht.

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